June 5, 2008


Today is a new day,

a day to begin anew

with blessings and light—

Light from the Divine Source.

Wishing and wanting are from the past.

Knowing is the now energy of wisdom and truth.

Know, Dear Ones,

that you are a Holy Child of the Divine Source.

Know that you are blessed

and you are blessing at all times.

You are One with your Creator

and One with all beings.

Know that, as you think you create.

Know that, as you believe,

you bring truth to your personal manifestation.

Know, Dear Ones, that you are your destiny.

You are the Creator and the Created.

As you ARE, you ARE.

We come to you this day to give you the

    Blessings of Who You Are,

And we welcome your questions,

As we weave threads of wisdom

with your consciousness.

Join us today and bless the day with

the joy of the ever present light of Divine Wisdom.

Know that YOU are Holy—You are Divine.

Trust yourself by listening to your innermost desires.

Your heart knows always the answers.

Blessings of Love and Light,

The Sisters of Light

February 2005

Frieda and The Sisters of Light will be appearing on  the Internet Radio show, Shadows in the Dark, as a guest of Jeremiah Greer on June 29th at 10 pm EST


In order to listen live, go to the show website at: www.shadowsinthedarkradio.com and click on “How to Listen Live.” or go to  www.blogtalkradio.com/shadowsinthedark and click on “Click to Listen.”

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